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Want to earn lots of money easily and legally? Become an MP (06/04/2011)

Everyone know MPs make lots of cash. With options like fiddling expensies, house-flipping and taking money for asking question in Parliament; these people are brining home the Benjamins in a big way. They’re like casinos in that sense; you never see a poor one, and voting for one can make you end up very poor.

But even the non-dodgy ones are still big earners. Diane Abbott is a well known MP from her TV work, especially on This Week; where she basically shoots the shit with Michael Portillo and Andrew Neil, taking breaks every few minutes to hear an absurdely shit Anderew Neil joke. But just how much does she make from all this? Well her Parliamentary income was relased this week, and it should be a lesson to all of us on how to make a shit loads of cash, fast;

In the last year, Abbott made £8,429 for working on This Week. She worked for a total of 30 hours, making her pay for This Week £280.96 p/h. Even I’d listen to Andrew Neil’s gags for that much.

On top of this, she received £1,000 for appearing on Cash in the Attic, she recived £3,000 for appearing on an episode of Come Dine With Me in December and £250 for appearing on The Alan Tichmarsh Show in December.

She also made vast sums from public speaking, including £3,000 for speaking at Deloitte’s National Women’s Day, £1,000 for hosting the intriguingly titled An Audience with Dianne Abbott and £250 for appearing on Channel 4’s The Thought program.

This wasn’t the end of her extra-curricular earners. She also made money from a number of articles she wrote for national newspapers, including £85 for an article in The Guardian (February), £250 for an article in the Independent (June), £200 for an article written in The Voice, £400 for an article in the Sunday Express (August) and £400 for an article in The Express.

But that wasn’t the end of it! Abbott also recived £305 for 3 surveys she took part in over the past 12 months. If I got that sort of cash for taking part in surveys I would be praying for spam phone calls.

Added up, it means that on top of her MP wage, Abbott received £18,579 additional income. The average salary for an MP is £65,738 (not including expenses), meaning that in last year Abbott would have earned minimum £84,307 (pre-tax). Nice. Little. Earner.

Put into perspective, according to mysalary.co.uk the average wage for a professional footballer in the UK is £62,667, the average salary for a musician is £20,125, the average wage of a TV presenter is £36,778 and the average age for an actor is £30,250.

So basically, kids, you’re better off to become an MP than a footballer, Actor, TV Presenter or Musican. And if you can get a gig on TV, well, watch the money roll in. And that’s not even including the after dinner speaking, book deals and being crafty with expenses forms!

So as your career advisor I recommend you get a safe seat and a good agent; then start planning an early reitrement.

Posted on April 6th, 2011
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